More Happier: Two Pleasures of Summer, Breaking in My Feet (Not My Shoes), and Benefits of Going “On Pause”

Something Making Us (More) Happier

  • Elizabeth: Summer, because she doesn’t have to rush around to take Jack to school.
  • Gretchen: Summer, because I can walk outside without having to bundle up.

Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

I realized that it’s not that I need to break in my shoes, I need to break in my feet.

Spotlight on a Tool

The Five-Senses Journal is ready for pre-order and will ship in August!

I’ve never seen a journal like this one. It’s unusual, beautiful, and useful—a six-month journal to help you tap in to the power of your senses.

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Five Senses Journal Mockup


Happiness Lessons from the Real Housewives

Instead of saying that something has ended, say that it has been put “on pause.”

We talk about an idea that I explore in my book about habit change, Better Than Before: Starting over is often harder than starting.


Nothing could destroy me as long as I could enjoy works of art, and for “enjoy” read “enjoy”: not codify or classify, or purge my spirit or arouse my social consciousness, just enjoy. From this hedonist, or at best epicurean, position I have never departed. It is true that I have tried to communicate my pleasure to other people, but that is not because I feel it my duty to do so, but simply because I cannot contain myself. —Kenneth Clark, Another Part of the Wood (Amazon)




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