Introducing the Habits for Happiness Quiz

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Habits are the invisible architecture of daily life. When we change our habits, we change our lives. If we have habits that work well for us, it’s much easier to be happy.

For that reason, ever since my habit-change book Better Than Before was published, people have asked me, “What’s the one habit that will make me happier? Where should I start?”

But the truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to happiness. The answer depends on you.

So I’ve developed a short quiz to help you identify the right answer, right now, for you.

Take the Habits for Happiness Quiz

The quiz is helpful, because it’s surprisingly difficult to know ourselves. We get distracted by what we assume is true, or by what other people tell us, or what we wish were true, and we lose sight of what’s true for ourselves.

In just a few questions, this quiz will give insight into what habit would do the most to boost your happiness. The answer may surprise you, or it may confirm what you already know. Either way, it gives you a starting place.

That’s useful, because sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the changes that we want to make that we can’t move forward. We don’t know where to begin, so we don’t begin.

Some people—especially Questioners—can fall into analysis-paralysis, where they can’t choose among many appealing options. It’s a relief for them to decide, “I’ll start by following the quiz’s advice, and learn from there.”

Also, sometimes we don’t admit to ourselves what we really want. The answer feels too charged, or too poignant, or too demanding, so we don’t acknowledge it. It’s hard to admit, “I don’t have many friends,” “My spending is stressing me out,” or “My life doesn’t reflect my values.”

For this reason, the quiz asks what you would “magically” do. This “magic” language helps you to look past practicalities and previous experience to think about what you really want.

Here’s the funny thing: some people—especially Rebels—get a result, decide to ignore it, and do something entirely different. Which is great! Sometimes getting a result you don’t want can reveal what you truly do want.

As long as the quiz helps to reveal a habit that will make you happier, it’s doing its job.

Unlike the Four Tendencies personality framework which reveals an inborn tendency that remains consistent throughout our lives, you’ll get different answers to the Habits for Happiness Quiz when you take it at different times. 

  • You might master a habit, so you’re ready to tackle a new challenge
  • Your life might change in an important way, so your priorities change
  • You might choose to focus on different areas of your life throughout the year
  • Your values might evolve

Remember, as with any self-knowledge exercise, this quiz is useful only if you’re honest with yourself! Don’t give answers that reflect what you should think, or what others tell you to focus on, or what you think is “right.” Be honest.

In my observation, people often change what they find easier to change rather than what they really need to change. A friend told me, “I decided to train for the marathon, but after I ran it, I realized that I should have used that time and energy to switch careers. I used the marathon-training as a distraction—and an excuse.”

After you answer eight questions, your result will tell you:

  • the category of habit that will do most to boost your happiness
  • why that aim is likely to make you happier
  • specific aims you might consider
  • know-yourself-better questions to help you design the habit in the way that’s right for you
  • any notes of caution
  • suggested resources to help you make progress for your specific aim

So, if you want to make your life happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative, this quiz will tell you where to start.

The best time to start a healthy habit is twenty years ago; the second-best time is now. This quiz will help you start now.



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