434: Ways to Understand a Child Better, a Hack for Showing Love, & Eleanor Gives High-School Advice


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Try This at Home

Consider the Four Tendencies with the children in your life. Knowing this framework makes it much easier to communicated effectively when challenges or frustrations appear.

  • Take the Four Tendencies quiz.
  • Read The Four Tendencies book.
  • Find more free resources, articles, and information about the Four Tendencies personality framework here.


Happiness Hack

If someone isn’t feeling well, get up and fetch the medicine for them. Loving actions spark loving feelings.



We interview my eighteen-year-old daughter Eleanor about what she’d tell a student who’s still in high school.

Eleanor’s Try This at Home: Use the pomodoro technique.

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Demerits & Gold Stars

Elizabeth’s Demerit: Instead of scheduling time to worry, Elizabeth worries about the writers’ strike all the time.

Gretchen’s Gold Star: I give a gold star to my husband Jamie for dealing with getting our windows washed.



Take the free, quick, fun “What’s Your Neglected Sense?” quiz.


What We’re Reading

  • Elizabeth: Walking with Sam by Andrew McCarthy (Amazon, Bookshop
  • Gretchen: For my Summer of Re-Reading, The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell (Amazon, Bookshop)

Transcript coming soon. 

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